Digitisation Opportunities in Regulatory Industry

The organisations are already planning to implement Industry 4.0. Role of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a backbone of Industry 4.0. Today most solutions are supporting data silos, with lack of integration. This affects productivity of machines and manpower; process efficiency and lack of visibility reduces correct decision making.

Adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can capture accurate process parameters & operations data with sensors or devices connected with equipment. This improves data sharing across all the operations & connecting to support digitisation of Supply Chain. This improves networking and eliminates data silos.

Considerations for upgrade to integrated MES solution

  • Study present equipments, with capability of digitally capturing process parameters or possibilities of having interfaces.
  • Identify suitable sensors to develop interfaces with time and data transmission for storage.
  • Select suitable cloud technology, which can match requirements and integrate with present system.

The IIoT interfaces will capture Machine Process Parameters & Production Data. This date will be integrated in Digital Supply Chain, which includes order receipt, production planning, material procurement, issue to production, manufacturing, packing, warehouse to distribution planning.

This reduces process lead time and improves equipment utilisation thus reducing order to delivery cycle time. The better planning optimises inventory to improve profitability.

MES solution implementation, can help in predictive maintenance planning to get better product quality, reducing rejection.

Industry 4.0 is looking for connected organisation. MES plays a main role is developing expected connectivity.