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About Us

About Ajay Techma Systems Pvt Ltd

Ajay Techma Systems Pvt Ltd (ATS), is a management systems consultancy company. RESPA is an existing enterprise solution that meets Regulatory & SCM Requirements for Life Science vertical. ATS has invested more than 500-man years of efforts during last 36 years. The knowledge base is developed with about 40 customers’ requirements. RESPA is a registered trademark & copyright since 1994.

The company is now developing expertise in Adoption of Emerging Technologies to Achieve Business Excellence in mid-size Regulatory Industry to support Challenges in Global Competition, Increasing Regulatory Requirements and Developing Skills to Implement Changes in Business Processes.

DATA INTEGRITY DESIRED BY REGULATORY INDUSTRY IS A BIG CHALLENGE. Companies are incurring tremendous costs to manually compile documentation to meet regulatory requirements by US & non-US regulatory bodies.

There are enterprise solutions in the market, however these are general & do not support regulatory requirements (cGMP & 21 CFR Part11). So, customers must customize, maintain upgrades, versions, validations etc. Customers are looking for a seamless solution, which will support growing regulatory & Digital SCM requirements with the latest Emerging technologies of Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Blockchain etc. Company has developed CENTER OF EXCELLENCE PHARMA 4.0 a YouTube channel to make Users aware of technology and how it can support challenges in the industry. Company also offer customer required training courses and is developing e-learning platform.