Digitisation Opportunities in Regulatory Industry

Regulatory industry is having challenges like maintaining documentation and supporting complex global supply chain management. This is becoming more challenging during and after pandemic situation. There is increasing requirement of skills at various operating areas with continuous changes in business processes and required documentation.

Only adoption of automation, can increase reliability of data and reduces depending on skills. This will also bring benefit of sharing of data with all concern users for better decision making.

With many new emerging technologies are available, Digitisation process adoption is easy. Let us discuss mainly,

  • Regulatory Documentation
  • Digital Supply Chain Management

Regulatory Documentation

The organisations have a very well laid down requirements for compliance, as per Quality Management System. This covers all materials, processes, document formats, data sharing, security and many more parameters. This requires integration with operational data.

Today at many organisations, these are not integrated, and data is stored in silos, which create data integrity challenges.

Adoption of CLOUD with Artificial Intelligence can achieve better data sharing, improve decision making, which can lead to PHARMA 4.0.

Digital Supply Chain Management

The Customer Order to Delivery is a process covering many operations. Digitisation can redesign operations, using Cloud, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics and Blockchain.

This will assure patient right product, right quality, right cost, right time & genuine product.

The operating processes will capture data at each stage in real time basis, either through mobile, IoT (sensors or data capture devices) upload into Cloud storage where data analysis can be done (if required) based on algorithm and shared with concern users for assisting decision making. The dashboard can display visibility of process operations with process status to take corrective actions if required. This will help to achieve operational excellence.

Today most organisations are working with silo systems, having integrated Sales and Operations Planning, Integrated Business Planning, and targeting Industry 4.0 is must, if organisation has to succeed in Global Market.