Digital Transformation

The present uncertain global economy opens an opportunity of reengineer, renovate present operating processes.
Digitisation will bring great results by improving customer centricity, operational excellence & resolve complex supply chain management issues.
Digital Transformation process can adopt emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Chatbot, and Blockchain to next level of technology.
Digital Transformation is based on 3Ds, as follows

  • Data
  • Dashboards
  • Decision

1. Data

Each organization is generating big data across many operating processes. Complete end to end supply chain, generate data from

  • Demand side
  • Supply side
  • Operations include manufacturing, quality, distribution etc.
  • Manpower Management
  • Commercial cover finance, costing, budget etc.

Data capture in real-time is possible using Internet of Things, Robotics etc. The communication using cloud makes possibility of data sharing across the organization to all decision makers.

2. Dashboard

The compiled data is analyzed and presented in graphical format for better visualization. This gives a complete visibility of operating processes like

  • Demand side - Sales order status, product inventory, delivery plan, customer pending orders, transport etc
  • Supply side - Material availability, orders, receipt plan, requirement planning, shortages etc
  • Operations Management – Production plan, quality, maintenance, machines data, in process, shortages etc.
  • Commercials – Receivables, payables, product costing, budgeting etc.

3. Decisions

Artificial Intelligence has capability to analyze data to predict & prescribe action plan.

Each Organization under different situation requires different decisions, with capabilities of Machine Learning, Deep Thinking system can prompt accordingly. System requires suitable algorithms to be designed. This is a challenge & is a continuous process. In uncertain situations this is more challenging. However system can create a knowledge base, which will be available later from training to prompt right decision.

Digitisation is a continuous learning process & a tool for better tomorrow.

Digitisation process requires holistic approach & contribution from

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

Wish you Best Luck for Digital Transformation to achieve Business Excellence.