CIO services - Offerings

Strategic management of digital transformation

We help to choose the right ROIs and objectives for your digital transformation. All innovation-related goals are directly connected to your business priorities. We consider existing business logic and processes and build a new strategy, adjusted to technology trends and customer needs. 

Resource estimation and management

By partnering with our CTO experts, you get internationally-recognized development expertise, built on many years of software innovation. We know what tech stacks are easier to implement and which will require additional investments. Our team creates a precise budget and time estimate for each business goal and planned innovation. At the start of cooperation, you know how your resources will be distributed throughout the project.

Planned product development cycle

A dedicated team will join your project and share expertise on software ideation, design, development, testing, and maintenance. Our experts oversee all stages of the product development cycle. You can control each step of the process or pass the full management responsibility to our virtual CTO. Either way, you can track the progress of the product with a detailed roadmap, clear documentation, and visualized reports. 

Tactical project management

When the core actions are outlined, we move to the tactics of product delivery. Our experts will take care of product deployment, distribution, advise you on its marketing, promotion, and management. We will be involved in communication with end clients and help present the innovation in a clear, attractive way. 

Growth, scaling, and innovation

Our team is ready to step in for maintenance, release new updates, work on tech debt removal, and integrate new functionality into the product anytime. If a company wants to grow the innovation, the team will identify new directions for product development and execute these improvements.