RESPA Road Map

Road map for e-RESPA/ m-RESPA & Professional services

     e-RESPA = RESPA+e-CRM+ e-Distribution+e-Contract+e-Procurement

  • Design develop, market & support Enterprise Solution on latest dot NET technology

  • Integrate cover functionalities of Customer Relation Management & Supply Chain Management to build m-RESPA.

  • Develop Business Intelligence for decision Making

  • USFDA requirements of 21CFR11.

  • Incorporate requirements of Life Science Vertical ie. Software Validation & Knowledge Management.

  • Develop PAT (Process Automation Technology)

  • Incorporate GAMP Requirements

  • Develop interface for Distributor & Contract Manufacturer

  • To develop Mobile interface for e-CRM/m-CRM for field representatives.

  • To offer Barcode & RFID Interface

  • RESPA will be extended to Biotech, Medical Devices, Veterinary Products, API Manufacturing

  • INTEGRATE other vertical sectors like Food, Beverage, Chemicals, Cosmetics & Batch type Process Industry etc.