RESPA Inc will have a Business Partnership for expanding the activities of Promotion RESPA - E-business solution, Consultancy in Implementation & developing other new areas of association.
RESPA Inc has developed the expertise in developing RESPA - E-business solution is web-based solution for Pharmaceutical & Process industries. RESPA Inc has also developed a implementation methodology & is offering a e-business Course for practicing functional consultants.

RESPA Inc. is looking for Business Partners.

  • Strategy Planning
  • Technology
  • Functional & Domain Knowledge
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Change Management
  • Systems Audit & Software Validation

RESPA Inc. is looking for Association in

  • Product Development & Evaluation
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Technology Update
  • E-Learning Content
  • Help Desk support

This is a presale activity, where the prospective client will be identified who is looking for such solution & is ready to offer the resources, which are fitting in range of RESPA.

The identification fee will be offered after finalization of assignment with advance.

This is a regular activity, which involve follow-up, discussion, demonstration, identifying needs, conference room pilot, requirements finalization, negotiations etc.
The consultant is expected to have a in-depth marketing knowledge of the e-RESPA e-business, business acumen, contacts, patience etc.
The support infrastructure for arranging demo, computer, email etc. is must. The minimum investment for a demo version of e-RESPA - E-business solution etc. is expected. The marketing efforts will be compensated for the assignment professional charges finalized.
This is a management consultancy & software support services, the consultant must have system background with specialization as Industrial Engineering, CA, ICWA etc with exposure of computer application, knowledge of using report writer etc.
The infrastructure of business analyst, system analyst, and programmers is must.The first two implementations will be done jointly along with RESPA Inc, & will be paid against the implementation support charges & later on business partner is expected to support on his own.
The business partner will assist in training in ERP along with the infrastructure facilities.
The total license fee towards software & course material will be paid at the time of starting the course & later on the royalty will be paid towards each student. The details will be decided on mutually beneficial terms.
All actual expenses towards business development will be born by business partner.
Providing ERP/SCM/ MRPII Consulting require a good relationship with commitment for time bound results. Through our business partnership program, we aim at establishing close working relationship with select companies. Where our business partners provide RESPA turnkey software implementation services or consulting resources for on-site implementation work.In order to provide our valued clients, with best possible services, we would like to have the following information by BUSINESS REPLY email from prospective Business Partners.

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