With the advent of IT revolution, all the Indian companies are realizing that unless, they use the technology to run their business effectively, they cannot compete in tomorrow's world. With the liberalization coupled with globalization process, the competition has increased considerably. As a result, the response time has to reduce and the entire activity has to be customer oriented.
With networking, it is now feasible to integrate all the activities of the business even at the remote location. It is proved beyond doubt that unless all the resources of the enterprise are used in the optimum manner, the growth and the profitability cannot be achieved.
Since ERP solution represents company wide application, the users that is all the people employed in various functions, have to familiarize themselves with the technology as well as the concept of ERP. The person working in accounts at Managerial cadre or the person responsible for making an receipt/ payment entry, unless they make themselves familiar with its implications on the overall business, they will not be able to understand and appreciate the relevance of their functions and contribute effectively.
It is with this objective in mind a six-month programme has been designed to develop proper orientation to ERP solutions. Even a person with no background in computers operation, will be able to speak the language of ERP at the end of six month programme, however the knowledge of organizational working experience of at least two years is essential.
The ERP Appreciation Programme has been designed in a modular fashion. There are two modules, which are general in nature, which every participant will have to go through in order to have basic background. The rest of the six modules are functional and they represent logical group of activities, which are relevant for the ERP software solution. The details of the modules are available in the brochure.
The programme design is made in such a way that the participant can complete all the modules within a span of six to eight months. The emphasis during the training programme will be on "HANDS ON EXPERIENCE". The participants will have to complete the project as part of the module.
A very comprehensive and integrated software package will be used for practical sessions and the students will be asked to solve real life problems using the software package in order to develop thorough understanding about ERP concepts.
The Senior Faculty members will be drawn from your Management Institutes who have conceptual background about the ERP functionalities. This faculty will be given training on RESPA ERP Software, who will then conduct the training course. The workshops and the computer lab sessions will be co-ordinate by the consultants/ software engineers who have the appropriate background about the software being used.
The participants will be evaluated at the end of each module and if certain concepts are not clear, they will be allowed to appear for the evaluation test after giving proper faculty guidance and support. A certificate will be issued to the participants who will successfully complete minimum four modules.
The training module is not specific to any package and therefore, has wider application in the industry. All the employees from the operating level to the managerial level, who are involved in operating systems at various levels, will be benefit immensely by attending this certificate programme.
The companies which have already decided to adapt themselves to the ERP software solution, will find this programme very useful for their employees in various categories such as managerial, supervisory and at the level of assistants.
From the organization, if multi discipline teams are sponsored, not only the participants will be in a position to develop the required skills, lot of doubts would also be cleared with the help of expert faculty who will be co-coordinating the programme.
Those who have a professional background like industrial engineering, costing, charted accounts, systems etc. will be given preference.
  • The programme will be conducted at your management center.
  • The participants will have to attend three sessions in a week consisting of one & half hours each. The sessions will be held on alternate weekdays.
  • The participants will have to complete their project assignments using the computer lab attached to the management center.
  • Minimum four hours of computer lab work is expected to make up for the practical hands on experience and to qualify for the certificate.
  • The computer lab work will be scheduled over the week-end and the flexibility in terms of time adjustment will be provided as much as possible.
  • The faculty members will be available for guidance at fixed time during the lab session.

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