e-Procurement benefits

  • Makes possible negotiating the prices of products
  • Cuts down inventory requirement levels.

Further, it enables establishing direct relationship with vendor thereby eliminating intermediary levels.Vendor also gets first hand information about Inquiry, Purchase Order, and Delivery Schedules.Your database is accessible to your vendors 24 hrs to fetch any information they are authorised to view.

  • Register Suppliers Vendor
  • Raise Request For Quotation online
  • Browse Quotations
  • Raise Purchase Order against Quotation
  • Tracking each Purchase Order
  • Accept Bills Online
  • Acknowledge Goods Receipt Online
  • Browse Payment Made Against Bills
  • Web Reporting
  • Pending PO
  • Item Source List
  • Vendor Account Statement
  • Stock Statement of Raw Material, General Stores
  • Submit Registration Form
  • Browse Request For Quotation
  • Submit Quotation Online
  • Browse his Purchase Orders
  • Confirm acceptance of PO's
  • Dispatch and Invoice Online
  • Browse Goods Receipt
  • Browse Inspection
  • View Payment Status Online
  • Browse Bill Passing
  • Confirm Payment Receipt Online
  • Web Reporting
  • Amount received against each invoice
  • Debit / Credit due
  • Payment Voucher numbers
  • Debit notes for rejected quantities.
  • Account Status