e-Contract - benefits

  • Build efficient supply chain management.
  • Monitor subcontractor target & performance
  • Your production & dispatch plan is accessible to subcontractor 24 hrs
  • Sub contractor get material receipt schedule, PO details for effective production plan for improved finished product delivery schedule
  • Register Subcontractor
  • Get Subcontractor feedback
  • Update Subcontractor with production plan latest info
  • Send Material Receipt Schedule
  • Get Subcontractor daily production & dispatch report
  • Evaluate Subcontractor target vs performance
  • Communicate with Subcontractor
  • Maintain Subcontractor operation statistics records
  • Calculate Subcontractor processing charges calculations

Connect Subcontractor to Company

  • Register with Company
  • Register notifications
  • Send material ,production, quality & dispatch records
  • Send Monthly performance statement
  • Send Monthly processing charges bill
  • Sent representative personnel details
  • Get changes in production, dispatch plan