Uses of the Web in Training

Take a look at a Web site from a college or university and you'll see that there is much more to Web-based training than just an online course. You'll see such things as catalogs, schedules, and forms. With these, you can begin to see how some of the Web's advantages can come into play.


procedures for registering for a class
procedures for dropping a class and penalties that may be incurred
any fees that may be required
dates to be aware of
  • last date to register
  • cutoff dates for adding, dropping or changing a course
  • dates that fees are due
  • class start and stop dates

information as to whether registration to a class, outside of the student's discipline is allowed
financial aid policies
library services
office hours of administration and instructors

As you can with the catalog, links can be provided to catalogs, regulations, and forms.

Lesson Plans, Courseware, and Curriculum Materials
Keeping courseware, lesson plans, and other curriculum materials online encourages collaboration and simplifies the design and revision of materials. Also, for courses taught at several sites, corrections and additions to material on the server ensures that up-to-date information is always available to all sites. Printing and shipping costs are reduced and time-lag is eliminated. Also, consistency is achieved.

Here's a small list of what can be made available :
create libraries of video and sound clips for use in courses
provide links to:
 • subject-related sites
 • research sites
 • newsgroups
 • libraries
 • newsgroups
 • libraries
 • databases
 • lesson plan repositories

in-house written plans and texts
Product manuals

Less expensive than printing hardcopy forms, and certainly more efficient than paper shuffling, online forms are a great way to increase productivity.

Some of the forms to consider using are:

course registration and withdrawal forms
bookstore ordering forms
library checkout forms
course review forms

Using online forms eliminates a trip to administration and time on the phone. Also, costs in printing several types of forms are reduced.

Online questionnaires encourage feedback from students and faculty alike. You can ask for feedback on nearly any subject.

USENet News
USENet News discussions as well as other Internet educational resources, that pertain to your subject, can be downloaded and used in a course. Students, as well as staff, while reducing cruising time, will keep up with current trends in their field of interest.

Videos and Sound clips
Presentations and courseware can come alive with the addition of videos and sound clips, enhancing the learning experience.

Well suited for corporate training environments and schools alike, presentations can be easily created, updated, and shared with a considerable savings in time and effort. A presentation can be put to great use as a supplement in lectures and the same material can be used in summary or sales meetings.
This should give you some idea as to how you can make the Web work for you. There is much more than what's listed here; you're limited only by your imagination.